Peace of mind during your cruise holiday

Cruise holidays are often not covered by standard travel insurance policies and require special cover. Columbus Direct covers cruise holidays as standard on all of our policies.

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Benefits include:

  • Buying online
    only takes 5 mins
  • Instant insurance
    certificate via email
  • Buy up to 1 hour
    before you leave
  • Secure data connection certified by Geotrust

  • Up to US$ 14 million
    medical cover
  • Up to US$ 7,500
    cancellation cover
  • Up to US$ 4,000
    baggage cover
  • Many sports and activities covered
  • Ski and snowboard
    cover available


More information on cruise travel insurance

Insuring your cruise holiday doesn’t have to cost more than any other type of holiday. All our travel insurance policies cover cruise holidays as standard, so you can save money and enjoy all the benefits included in our complete travel insurance package.

  • No extra premium required for cruise cover

To view the cover available, and to check the price of single trip travel insurance from Columbus Direct, fill out the details on the page above and click ‘show price'

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