At the Airport

  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the various departure points by the designated 'check-in' time.
  • If leaving your car at the airport whilst away, remember to note the number of the car park, floor and block in which you are parked and keep this in a safe place away from your car park ticket.
  • As soon as you have checked in and your luggage has been dealt with, go immediately through security. Do not linger in public areas of the airport.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended, particularly when checking in or waiting in a secure area. In many countries, airport security or police officers will presume that unattended bags are bombs and your luggage could be forcibly opened or destroyed.
  • Camera film, videos or computer discs will not be damaged by airport x-ray machines. If you are unsure, ask the screener.
  • Watch your luggage when it's on the conveyor belt and remember to check that it is not damaged before leaving the airport. If your luggage is lost or damaged, report it to the airline immediately and ask for a written report before you leave the airport.
  • At airports, especially those in 'high risk' countries, it is advisable to keep a low profile and go directly to any transportation links.

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