Business Travel

  • Inform colleagues and staff not to release information about your travel and business itinerary to unauthorised personnel or strangers.
  • Wealthy business people and those working for high profile multi-national companies who travel to 'high-risk' countries, should consider arranging special kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance.
  • Check that your company has arranged proper travel insurance. If not, or if the insurance does not provide sufficient cover, arrange your own.
  • Personnel files should be closely guarded as this information can be used to kidnap a person for monetary or financial gain.
  • Do not use a laptop computer for processing sensitive information in public areas.
  • Keep computer passwords, safe combinations, desk keys and important company information in a 'secure' place - not in your hotel room.
  • Do not open any package or envelope sent to your hotel room, unless you know the sender and are expecting the package.
  • Before opening the door to your hotel room, call reception to check the identity of the person and their reason for calling.
  • Avoid using company logos, names or business cards to identify luggage.
  • Never leave your laptop or briefcase unattended.

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